History of BGW

In 1986, Georg Weidner, BGW managing director, founded the company as a one man working company.
Having low means, the production spot was first installed in a garage.Through permanent development and new ideas, the company´s face has changed fundamentally.
Nowadays the company is a middle class company, now giving work to more than 50 permanent employees. Correspondingly, the company´s ground has changed by removal for several times and became bigger.

Today, the company´s ground is an area of more than 20.000m² with 5.000m² production- and warehouse sheds and 250m² office area.

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The products have changed according to the market situation, too. Producing at the beginning, mainly as a supplier for the mechanical engineering industry, today BGW offers an own complete product range, mainly for the precast concrete industry. BGW is proud having had the certification ISO 9002 of the TÜV (MoT) since 1996.
In the year 2004, the two sons of Geroge Weidner, Jens and Michael have joined the company and are supporting their father.